Our executive team

Our executive team

Helen Haddow is now Chief Executive of Houlden Jewellers Ltd.  Helen will sit on the board along with five other experienced directors, they include:

  • Helen F Haddow - CEO (appointed in January 2016)
  • David Patrick - Non-Executive Director (appointed in January 2017)
  • Patrick Keane of Keanes Jewellers Ltd - (appointed in June 2014)
  • Christopher M Carry of Jamieson & Carry – (appointed in June 2011)
  • Keith Gill of Robert Gatward Jewellers – (appointed in June 2011)
  • Ashley Pugh of W Bruford – (appointed in June 2012)
  • John Lunn of Lunn's Jewellers - (appointed in January 2017)

Helen Haddow

A qualified CA and previously Finance and Administrative Director, Helen is now Houlden Jewellers Ltd Chief Executive Officer.

She is responsible for directing the daily operations of the Houlden team as well as being involved in the strategic planning of the organisation; and reports to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.

Formerly senior audit manager with Ernst & Young, Helen’s talent and expertise is key to the company’s financial and administrative functions and provides an invaluable resource for members seeking financial advice.

A former world Highland dance champion, Helen’s leisure time is dedicated to passing on her knowledge and expertise as a teacher and judge internationally, in Canada, USA and South Africa, as well a throughout Scotland.

Current board of directors

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