David Barclay

It is imperative that Houlden bring you the most interesting and relevant speakers for Members Morning that WILL make a difference to your business.
For our Summer Getaway we have some thought-provoking speakers that will challenge you to assess your business in order to be the best.

David Barclay, from Barclay card representing Barclays bank will be will be joining us to discuss The Blended Channel – In the modern world of retail and consumerism the customer wants various ways to be able to shop and to pay this is a very different journey and that is starting to change.


Barclaycard are the leading acquiring and issuing business in the UK and have a wealth of experience working with clients around their payment solutions.
David’s role at Barclaycard is to speak to customers about the future of digital and how digital is influencing the customer journey.

What will he be discussing?

Personalised Intimacy – The customers interactions now with brands have changed and the expectations are now greater for the brand to provide an experience and this is now becoming a big part of loyalty. This is why there has been a rise in a lot of business models that are different like Uber, Tesla and Airbnb and pop up car sales is becoming standard practice in shopping centres. In using customer insight data this can help decide the best way to interact with each customer and even which channel you would expect them to use.

Convenience – The easier a retailer makes it for the customer to buy and pay the more the customer will come back to buy goods. This has seen the rise of Amazon and the demise of some big brands that is why experience and social media are such important parts of the buying cycle. The rise of voice assistants like Alexa mean that it won’t be long till hotels make these the norm in your room to give people the VIP service including recommendations of where to shop.

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