Jewellers of Excellence Launched

At the end of October 2015, Houlden were proud to launch We are the first consortium of elite independent jewellers that can offer the consumer the finest selection of jewellery, diamonds and internationally renowned collection of quality watches. Jewellers of Excellence is the ultimate hallmark of trust.

The launch of the Jewellers of Excellence website was complemented with the striking advert placed in the December Edition of Condé Nast Traveller magazine (covering the UK consumer) and Image magazine (covering the Irish consumer). Sitting along with the likes of Tiffany’s, Boodles and Bentley, this is representative of the market that Jewellers of Excellence is appealing to, emphasising our status to the consumer. With the ever growing digital era, it was imperative that we supported the strong print presence with a carefully targeted digital media campaign. Concentrating on such websites as Vogue, Golf Today, Royal Opera House and Classic FM, targeting the AB consumer group, allows us to focus on the areas of our trusted retailers.

This ground breaking venture demonstrates to our clientele the ‘trust mark’ they strive for (evidence has stated 70% look for this). The strong reputation of trust, knowledge and quality is representative of the retailers that have been strictly selected by Jewellers of Excellence. Thus, installing complete confidence in the badge of integrity. These establishments have earned these values over their trading history and will make an online purchase a more comforting experience for the consumer as their websites have also been monitored to be included in the Jewellers of Excellence programme. Guiding the customer through the store locator onto their chosen Jeweller of Excellence website will support our prestigious retailers to flourish and take them to that next level in the eye of the consumer.

If you have any queries regarding the initiative then please contact Nicola Gaffney at the Houlden Office by email or on 0141 248 4882.

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